The best three places to start advertising

I get this question a lot and replied to an existing client with the same message. Here are three of the best places to start advertising if you are a small business with a limited budget. Note, every business has a limited advertising budget, some just have a bigger budget. Considering the message being sent and the target audience small businesses are going after these are my recommendations in order of importance:

  1. Google AdWords  – works the best because you have the widest number of options and it scales. You can spend $100 a month or $1 Million. Google has the traffic and advertisers can drive relevant users to your web sites.
  2. Social Media  – works great for small business, you can share information, ideas, videos, sample music, announce important dates, and generally keep in touch with the fan base. Facebook can promote to specific audiences and is the most efficient way to build a customer list. Twitter is best for real-time event based information.
  3. Email – is still a useful tool once you have an established list of names. Email works best for nurturing fans and sending direct messages, offers, specials on a regular basis.

Avoid print ads, newspaper, out of home, TV – those work for big brands will multimillion dollar budges.