HTML Basics: Testing

How to get your email blast ready

It’s always a good idea to test your email blast a few times before sending it out to a huge list. Always check every link by clicking on it, and make sure every image is showing up. Remember that HTML email files are larger than plain text and will take longer to download. So that 3MB image should really be resized and scaled down. ha ha.

  1. Now this is the cool part, Word is going to do all of the heavy lifting for you. Ah! this is great.
    Choose File > Send To > Mail Recipient
  2. You will notice the top of your document now has an email form fields. Put your email address in the TO: field

  3. Hit “Send a Copy’
  4. Now, check your email and tada! There is your HTML formatted email. Cool!

Important tip is to make sure that you have your email set to “Send as HTML”. By default this is turned on, but has a tendency to get turned off. To check your settings in MS Outlook go to Tools > Options > Mail Format (TAB) > Message Format and make sure the pull down box reads HTML.

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