Campaign Goals
The original goal was to collect a two hundred email address and follow up with a targeted email blast when the Q series product launched. Email sign-ups quickly passed the original goal. Collected approximately 1800 email addresses after five weeks of running the teaser banner campaign on After removing duplicates and fraudulent data ended up with 1593 usable email addresses.


  • 32 orders
  • $82,740 incoming order revenue
  • 2.01% conversion rate
  • $2585 average order value
  • Original goal was 200 email address, collected 1593 email addresses
  • Campaign Cost $0

Teaser Banners:

Week-1 - LIFEBOOK Q banner

Week-2 - LIFEBOOK Q banner

Week-3 - LIFEBOOK Q banner

Week-4 - LIFEBOOK Q banner


Landing Page Screenshot:
The only purpose of the landing page was to collect an email address. Page included a daily countdown to the Q series product launch date.

landingpage for the LIFEBOOK Q notebook teaser campaign