Lucky Brand Jeans

Goal: Redesign to sell more jeans while continuing to build the “Lucky” brand.

New to online ecommerce Lucky Brand Jeans was having difficulty successfully selling jeans through the Internet site previously developed. I Completely redesigned the site from the ground up. Created and developed a new customer centric site architecture to simplify the searching and order process. Redesigned the main navigation element to highlight the product categories.

Created, developed and defined new page layouts to reduce page clicks, show the intricate details of the products and increase up sells. All product shots include large front and back, multiple close ups of logos, buttons, zippers, labels, and embroidery.

Result: Within a week of launching the new redesign Lucky Brand Jeans was selling more merchandise than expected. More than 100% increase. They opened a new warehouse in San Luis Obispo, CA to handle just the web site merchandise. Now one of Lucky Brand Jeans most successful stores. The URL is highlighted in retail stores, shopping bags, window displays, and merchandise. To date, this is my favorite project.

Close ups:


Creative Direction
Site Architecture
Graphic Design
Digital Photography

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Image Ready
Adobe Illustrator
Macromedia Dreamweaver
Alaire Homesite
Microsoft Visual Interdev

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