Jon Cronander

Chief Executive Officer, (business partner) recommends Scott McClintock

Scott McClintock was easy to work with and was able to help us meet our tight deadlines when we needed him. I can’t say enough good things about his thoughtful, quality work and appreciate his innovative ideas and approaches to problems. We still put him at the top of our list whenever we need help.

 I can’t say enough good things

Karen Richardson

Marketing Communications at Fujitsu recommends Scott McClintock

For about 7 years at Fujitsu, I had the pleasure of working with Scott. His marketing skills, professional demeanor, and intellectual curiosity made it a great and productive experience. We collaborated on a variety of projects…impacting, for example, global social media, public relations, and events…that required international insights in areas that were often cutting-edge. Scott has a wonderful way of getting both strategies and tactics implemented while understanding big-picture objectives. He’s still a go-to person when I’m looking for advice on perplexing situations because of his marketing enthusiasm, knowledge, and problem-solving abilities. I would gladly work with Scott again.

I would gladly work with Scott again.

Dick Reed

Scott is very much the model client. Open to working on creative ideas and yet pragmatic enough to know what is and is not workable in the real world. This is a vital skill. In his role at Fujitsu he’s charged with creating exciting and stimulating programs but is often limited by the corporate boundries that exist. Despite these restrictions he managed to create and get approved an entire communications strategy that included dedicated web environments, video assets, an integrated advertising program and agreed upon performance metrics, all managed through our team, with minimal pain and discomfort…remarkable!


Steve Leonardi

I work for Scott for close to two years at BWC. He is one of the best people I have worked for. He looks for ways to improve the projects you are given with out telling you how to do it. He also goes out of his way to help any other department. He always keeps his commitment to the company and put it first. Any company that hires him is getting a great addition to their company.

He is one of the best people I have worked for.

Ashley Morrison

Scott has been an absolute pleasure to work with! He’s a friendly partner and clearly passionate about the work he does. He’s very open to new ideas and is not afraid to be the first to try something, which makes my job very easy. Even outside of my interactions with him directly, his work is evident everywhere I go on the web through behavioral targeting. I go to a site and see an ad for his company, and I think “Well, Scott found me here, too!” It’s clear that Scott knows his audience.

not afraid to be the first to try something

Srini Iyengar

It was a great pleasure working with Scott. He has demonstrated his gift of natural aesthetic sense and usability by transforming our functional application to a great, usable interface interacting with multi-cultural teams. He is an invaluable asset and I would recommend him where user experience is a concern.

He is an invaluable asset

Mimi Giannini Vice President at Saratoga Springs recommends Scott McClintock

Scott exceeded my expectations with all of his help, advice, knowledge and experience. He did an amazing job helping my company increase our bottom line. He had so much knowledge I did not even know existed! He was always very prompt to answer any questions, come in for a meeting or anything I needed. Scott is a very nice person and very smart!!!

He sure knows his stuff!!!

Julia Aguilar Principal, CSP San Luis Personnel Services recommends Scott McClintock

We hired Scott when we first developed a website back in the mid-90s. He has handled our website, including updates, revisions and web hosting since that time. We certainly recommend him to others who are seeking a web designer or web hosting.

Steven P. Wolf Vice President of Marketing & Business Development recommends Scott McClintock

I would rank Scott in the top 1%

Scott’s contributions have made a significant positive impact on our business, as we have grown more than 80% in the last 12 months. Scott was a pleasure to work with and always displayed a can-do attitude. He was very diligent in his work and challenged the status quo in an effort to improve our marketing support programs. 

Scott proved consistently through his professional accomplishments and personal character, that he would be a valuable asset to any company. Scott is an exceptional team player, a disciplined critical thinker and a broad minded design professional that will excel in your organization. 

I would rank Scott in the top 1% relative to other well-trained, experienced design professionals with whom I’ve worked throughout my career. Scott’s outstanding design abilities and strategic mind will only enrich the experience of those that work with him.

David Hinds Senior Account Executive for Impaxx recommends Scott McClintock

I have come to respect Scott’s creative talents, printing knowledge, and people skills.

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Scott McClintock over the past year to design, manufacture, and oversee the roll out of a completely new line of packaging for StoneTech. Over the course of this project I have come to respect Scott’s creative talents, printing knowledge, and people skills. I can confidently recommend him to any position requiring a high degree of talent in the graphics arts industry. Let me give you a few details. 

As a Senior Account Executive for Impaxx, a diversified print packaging company with 9 printing plants across the U.S., I worked with Scott to refresh the label design across StoneTech’s complete product line. Scott expertly managed this major project by first defining the parameters and capabilities of our flexographic presses. We then tested all process color images with press proofs to assure perfect color matches to the array of stone and tile images in each label format. We set copy, provided several proof revision, press checked the initial run of every item, and delivered all of this in a timely fashion. 

Perhaps most importantly from StoneTech’s point of view, Scott got the most for the company’s money. He thoroughly evaluated several vendors in a competitive bidding process, did on sight audits of each plant, and finally determined which vendors had the right combination of equipment, skills, and cost controls to do the best job for StoneTech. The roll out was a complete success, done on time, and satisfied the graphic demands of all concerned. 

In closing, I’d like to mention one small thing that speaks volumes of our respect for Scott. He has become one of the very few customers that we have given the discretion to move about our plant at will. In fact he is my only customer that has this discretion. We have learned that Scott has the graphic, design, prepress, color separating, and printing knowledge coupled with the right people skills to be an asset to us in moving freely about our plant to help monitor his work.

Matte Elsbernd Founder, The Firm List recommends Scott McClintock

Scott is supremely talented.

Scott is supremely talented. He’s the one with the actual training and the degree and he uses it to bring the best work forward for his clients. Funny how many times I’ve turned to Scott for his advice and his perspective over the last 18 years of doing this.